Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why the heck am I blogging, anyway?


I have been wanting to sit down and do this for ages.
I told Andrea I would.
There are fun things I would love to share with other people.
There are challenging, thought/prayer provoking things I would love to share with other people.
I want to keep the "writing" part of my brain semi-coherent.
I just don't have anything better to do with my time. OK, that is not true! I am actually crazy-busy and this blog will prolly be low on the priority list above feeding and clothing my family:)

Speaking of feeding and clothing, I appreciate creativity, a lot, but I also realize there is a special kind of beauty in something that serves the purpose it was created for, so I will write some very practical stuff about house and family. You can expect to find reviews, tips, healthy recipes, frugal ideas, etc. here as well as me trying to figure out stuff about God. I really value the Bible, so I will be quoting that a bunch too. There you have it.

This is my life. I'm alive in Christ and I am living in God's love.